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Hadjavi and Kay v. CVS Class Action filed 2010

Update - October 1, 2011

We regret to inform you that the court recently rejected our motion for class certification. While the case on behalf of the five individual pharmacists for unpaid wages, overtime, and missed meal and rest breaks is still proceeding, the relief sought for this class of pharmacists employed in California is at least, for the time being, up to each pharmacist as he or she chooses to proceed.

Please understand: this does not mean that a case on behalf of an individual pharmacist, be it pharmacist intern, staff pharmacist or pharmacist in charge could not be brought. It simply means this class particular class action case is no longer ongoing.

For those of you who have been in contact with us about this case, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. There is a strict deadline within which you would need to file an action if you wish to pursue an individual claim. That deadline may have been tolled by the filing of the Hadjavi case, but such tolling would no longer be in effect following denial of the motion for class certification. Please understand: If you do nothing then any rights you have in that regard may well be lost forever.

Therefore, if you wish to pursue any claim then we strongly recommend that you immediately contact an attorney to make sure you understand and protect your rights. We, of course, will be more than glad to speak to you, should you wish to contact us. You can reach us by email, mail, or call us at 626.795.0205.

Likewise, if we can be of service for any other reason, we’d be glad to hear from you.

CVS Pharmacist Class Action filed 2010

Our firm recently joined the litigation involving CVS pharmacists entitled Hadjavi and Kay v. CVS, CV 10-4886-SJO (Rcx), filed in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, California.  A first amended complaint (attached) has been filed with the court, in which we are listed as co-counsel.

It is similar in nature to a case which in which our firm was co-counsel, back in 2007-2008.  It concerns working through meal breaks, and before and after scheduled hours, while clocked out.

If you are or have worked as a pharmacist in California, employed by CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and/or CVS RX Services, Inc. since March 9, 2008, and believe you might be a member of this case, please feel free to contact our office.

Even if you were a class member in the previous class action, concluded in 2008, you may well be part of this case as well.

We hope to hear from you, should you feel this case involves your interests.

Tom Falvey


Case Documents:

First Amended Class Action Complaint for Damages and Injunctive Relief

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