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Jason Elkin, et al, v. Six Flags, Inc.

Update July 25th, 2011

We are please to announce that the second and final checks to be disbursed in this case have been paid as of earlier this month.

If you are a member of this class (i.e., if you filed a claim you were recognized to be so originally) and you have not received your check, please immediately contact the claims administrator, whose information is as follows:

John R. Davis, Esq.
Director of Claims Administration
Philadelphia: 215.979.1611
San Francisco: 415.957.3011

Please do not contact the Falvey Law Offices about your check, as we have no information in that regard - all checks and claims are handled through the third party administrator, as ordered by the court.

If you have questions about any other employment matter, please feel free to call or email us at your earliest convenience.

Update: April 5th, 2010

This information is for all employees of Six Flags who filed claims in the case of Jason Elkin, et al, v. Six Flags, Inc., a case filed in California in Los Angeles County Superior Court as Case No. BC 342 633 relating to unpaid wages claims.

As we expect you are aware, because of the filing of bankruptcy by Six Flags, the second and third payments have been put on hold. Whether they will be paid or not is not known to us at this time.

There is no guarantee that any further payments will be made in the case at all. However, if payments are eventually made, it is imperative that those who are may be entitled to such payments keep the administrator advised of their current addresses.

Plaintiff's Allegations

On November 7, 2005, our office filed a class action complaint on behalf of then current and former employees who had worked in the State of California for various Six Flags entities for the four year period (and following time, until settlement) for unpaid wages, etc. Over the ensuring months, the case moved forward, such that after it was settled, pending approval of the court.

About two years later, in October, 2007, settlement was achieved. As a result of that settlement, it was further required that preliminary approval be given by the court, and that was achieved December 18, 2007, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Judge Carolyn Kuhl, presiding.

Once the case was given preliminary approval, notices and claim forms and other information were provided to members of the class through what is called a third party administrator. After the notices and claims have been properly distributed, the information came back into the third party administrator, who filed a report with the court. In this case, as a result of those efforts, the court granted final approval of the class action settlement at a hearing in April, 2008. [See Notice of Final Judgment]

Pursuant to that approval, checks were provided to those members of the class made known to the claims administrator according to the order of final approval.

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